Kids have loads of fun in the Hunny B Academy!

Janice Russell's Hunny B Series teaches them patience, caring, sharing, thoughtfulness, and how to respect one another in all that they do.

"How Me Me Became a Princess"


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Infants love bright colors. Adults who read Hunny  B stories to infants  will see increased attention spans and more alertness as the months go quickly by.


Toddlers are usually big talkers. If you read a Hunny B story to them, they will know the difference between animals, insects, and people. Let the fun begin!


Kids in Pre-school LOVE story time! Hunny B stories are perfect for them to act out the characters with props and sounds.


Pre-K kids are starting to read. With a little help from an adult, they will begin to recognize the words little by little. Many can read

the Hunny B books.

Our Approach

Adults have a responsibility to educate the difference between right and wrong to kids.

Sadly, there are not that many "Story Telling" book Series in today's reading materials

that approach these types of lessons without being "preachy" or sounding like they are "instructional".

Hunny B stories are full of exciting characters with which kids can identify. The issues that surface

in a Hunny B story are the same issues today's kids face daily. Themes like "bullying", "hunger", "selfishness", "exclusion", and many more, are addressed in the Hunny B themes.

What Parents Think

"We tried the Hunny B Academy series and now it's our kids favorite!

Every day they ask for story time.

They really love them."