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Hi, I'm Janice Russell, author of the Hunny B Academy series.

I've spent my entire life as God's messenger to our next generation of children.

Having worked in and with the poorest communities, it's no secret that today's kids are facing more challenges

than any other generation in history. Hunger is now all too prevalent with one in every 10 kids having only one meal

a day. Parents have to choose between paying bills and feeding their kids. It stands to reason that every extra penny

goes to just having a roof over their head and eating. What about books? What about stories that teach lessons?

It's hard to believe books for these kids are now luxuries.

My mission is to get Hunny B Academy into every child's hands, that they may learn how to

behave while they interact with each other. Storybooks are so very important to growing kids.

Your support will help all children to grow into caring, sharing, loving adults. Wouldn't that be glorious?

Join me.

Yours in Christ,


Below are some of Janice's weekly messages to her faithful followers...

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If you would like to invite Janice to have a book signing table at your school, church, or special kids or family event, please leave her a message on her contact page.

Hunny B Academy stories are great for a classroom break!
Here's a Facebook post from September 1, 2021
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