Fun & Creativity

These will be Coming Soon!


There are Hunny B coloring activities

that kids can have fun exploring.

If they can hold a crayon, they can

express their creativity!


There are Hunny B Academy songs

to learn and sing along to.

If there are rhythm instruments to play with the songs, all the better!

It's a Hunny B Orchestra!


Hunny B has exercises that are simple

and help develop strong muscles!

Add in the singing and you have

the best Yoga Class EVER!



English and Spanish versions of Hunny B stories are available soon. Soon the world will know Hunny B as our translators are busy bees writing our stories in many other languages.


Hunny B basic math skills are helping

kids count better. Whether it's the number of bees in a hive making honey, or the number of 

surprise gifts in Princess B's magic pink bucket, kids will love counting the characters in Hunny B story flash cards

Outside Play

Nothing makes outdoor time better than acting out a Hunny B story adventure. Add a headband with antennae, some Party Store slip on wings, and a "Wonder Wand" and you'll be surprised how many kids want to be Princess B, or Hunny B, doing good things in their neighborhood!